OFM Photographs

OFM Vision Board 3‘…no other man comes close; Flynn Matthews is a god.’ Ellie (Chapter 1)








‘According to the internet putting photos and phrases of what I want to happen between myself and Flynn Matthews on a board will trigger the universe’s law of attraction and make my dreams reality. I’m not sure how it actually works but it’s my only chance, it’s not like I’m going to meet him in my everyday life – I need any help I can get, and if I have to put in an order to the universe then so be it.’   Ellie (Chapter 1)

                             “I wish you were my femme fatale.”                             Flynn'sfemme fatale  Pete to Ellie (Chapter 2)

Keep Calm


“Call it fucking community service right. I’ll be doing her a favour. I’d say she’s a virgin and looking at her that’s the way she’ll fucking stay. She’s going to be fucking grateful I can tell you and you know how I have a thing for the grateful ones.”                                     Flynn (Chapter 3)