Ordering Flynn Matthews

Be careful who you wish for… because you just might get him.

Flynn Matthews is the archetypal heart throb actor; gorgeous, charming and talented. But flawless he’s not. He’s foul mouthed, arrogant and sustaining a nasty habit.

Ellie is a naive university student welcoming Flynn into her life but soon realising that all is not what she thought it would be. It’s not hearts and flowers at all. There’s the social media exposure and incriminating photos, being hounded everywhere she goes and a fear of her early teenage years coming back to haunt her…

Will she cope with her new life and does she even want Flynn to be part of it anymore?

Ordering Flynn Matthews is a story of love, loss and betrayal in a world of social networking, celebrity obsession and media frenzy.


Out now!

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Failing Flynn Matthews

Sometimes, holding on hurts more than letting go…

The trouble with being in a relationship based on a lie is that, most days, uni student Ellie feels guilty and unworthy of her dream man’s attention.

When best friend Max shares her deepest darkest secrets with the world and hot actor Flynn Matthews relapses and involves her in his reckless behaviour, her relationship begins to spectacularly unravel.

As life becomes increasingly complicated, Ellie discovers a depth of resilience she didn’t know she had. Will it be enough to help her relationship survive?

Failing Flynn Matthews follows on from Ordering Flynn Matthews.

Failing Flynn Matthews -Medium Sized Icon

Out now!

Click on the cover to go to Amazon UK!



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